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dbell live preview

dbell live preview

dbell Wi-Fi smart video doorbell live preview

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What are the main features of dbell?

Incredible convenience
dbell Wi-Fi smart video doorbell brings convenience and peace of mind to just about everyone – this includes homeowners, business owners, even visitors. Providing security1 at your doorstep and the freedom to answer your door from anywhere using your smart phone or tablet.

 Smartphone compatible
dbell App works on most Apple® iOS and Android® devices and Select Blackberry® devices.

Wide-Angle Lens camera
A wide-angle lens allows you to view the larger area outside your door

Wi-Fi and Wired Network Connectivity
Connect dbell to your home or business wireless network. For higher security and reliability connect directly to a wired Ethernet or router

Two-way Audio
Hear and speak to visitors at your door from your smart device. dbell uses the standard G.726 codec used in DECT wireless phone systems for clear audio.

Video on Demand
View visitors from your smart phone or tablet using the free dbell app2 with one touch of a button.

Motion Detection Alarm
The free dbell app will send you an alert if someone is at your door regardless of whether or not they press the call button. You can also adjust the sensitivity control of your motion sensor using the app

Capture Photo
Take a snapshot of your visitors whenever you like. dbell also takes a snapshot automatically when someone rings the doorbell or Alarm triggers and tracks activity in a visitor log on your free dbell app.

Undetectable Night vision
IR-LED’s provide invisible night vision up to 10 metres or 32 ft. away.

Remote Viewing
Access your dbell camera, audio and speaker remotely, anytime of day or night.

dbell is waterproof with a rating of IP 66.

Easy to power
Use your existing doorbell low voltage power supply of 12-24VAC, 0.5A or supplied 12VDC, 1A to provide power.

Mounting Kit
dbell mounting kit has a Low Profile Mounting option and Protective Mounting option. The Protective Mount allows you to hide all holes and cables neatly.

1 dbell is not a monitored security device.
2 Additional data charges may apply depending on your cellular data plan

Can I see the live view of the dbell camera even if a visitor doesn’t press the call button?

Yes, you can see the live view of the dbell camera from your iOS®, Android®, Select Blackberry® device and Internet Explorer®. Even at dark Night vision will allow you to see the outside up to 10m . dbell built-in motion sensor will trigger when a visitor is at your door for more than 10 seconds.

How much dbell totally cost?

dbell Wi-Fi smart video doorbell is affordable. It cost one time purchase price of $179.99. It includes all the related accessories. No monthly fees or service charges.

Will it work in all popular Smartphone or Tablet?

Yes, it works on most iOS® and Android® devices and Select Blackberry® devices. It also works on select Browser like Internet Explorer®

Do you provide aftersales support?

Yes, we provide after sales support. We have integrated Knowledge Base, providing 24/7 community based support at You can create online support ticket at or You can contact us directly by selecting ‘Help’ from You can email us at You can call us at (800) 944-8218

How many people can be connected to dbell?

5 users can connect to dbell. Each user’s smartphone needs to be registered with the doorbell.

Is dbell Wi-Fi video doorbell waterproof ?

Yes, dbell Wi-Fi video doorbell is water proof with IP66 rating.

What is IP66?
The International Protection Rating or known as ‘Ingress Protection Rating’, is an international standard used to describe the environmental protection of electrical equipment or enclosures for electrical equipment.

The standard is designed to give more information about the level of protection other than merely stating the equipment is “water-proof” and is normally expressed as a two digit number where the first number indicates the level of protection against the ingression of solid objects and the second digit indicates the level of protection against the ingression of liquids. Note: If the IP rating shows an ‘X’ then there is no level of protection for that specific category.
IP66 – The first digit (6) indicates the camera is dust tight giving complete protection against any solid matter entering the equipment.  The second digit (6) indicates the camera is protected against powerful jets of water meaning that a powerful jet can be aimed at the camera from any direction with no harmful effect.
This would indicate the camera is completely impervious to damage from natural elements and can be placed in any outdoor location.

Pre-Sales Question?

If you have any questions please send us an email at You can also send a request to see what dbell’s live camera feed looks like using your iOS® or Android® device.

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